Top Ten Artists Who Have Performed at Madison Square Garden

Top Ten Artists Who Have Performed at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

When it comes to iconic performance venues, New York City’s Madison Square Garden (MSG) is unrivaled. MSG has hosted some of the most iconic and memorable performances in music history since its inception in 1968. Today, we’re counting down the top ten performers that have performed at MSG, determined by the amount of electrifying evenings they’ve given their fans. So grab your air guitar and let’s get started!

  1. Billy Joel – 116 Live Performances

    Billy Joel

    Billy Joel, the Piano Man himself, is at the top of our list. Joel has established himself as the ultimate Madison Square Garden icon, having performed 116 times at MSG. Joel is known for his deep voice, remarkable piano skills, and unrivaled connection with his audience, and his shows leave fans wanting more. Every night at MSG is a tribute to Joel’s immortal hits, such as “Piano Man,” “Uptown Girl,” and “New York State of Mind.” At Madison Square Garden, join the throng and experience Billy Joel’s magic.

  2. Phish – 64 Live Performances


    Phish, the famed jam band, comes in second place. Their 64 MSG concerts have established a cult-like following of fans who look forward to their multi-night runs at the venue. Phish concerts at MSG are a one-of-a-kind event that exceeds the bounds of traditional rock music, thanks to their improvisational skills, sophisticated compositions, and mind-bending live jams. Prepare for an unforgettable musical voyage as Phish hits the stage and weaves their aural tapestry, capturing listeners with their inexhaustible energy and musical prowess.

  3. Elton John – 64 Live Performances

    Elton John

    The great Sir Elton John shares the second spot. Elton John has delighted audiences at MSG 64 times with his theatrical manner, superb piano playing, and an unparalleled repertoire of timeless tunes. From the grandiose balladry of “Rocket Man” to the contagious energy of “Crocodile Rock,” every Elton John concert at MSG is a magnificent spectacle, complete with beautiful costumes, fascinating stage presence, and a display of musical talent. Prepare to be swept away by Sir Elton John’s magnetism at Madison Square Garden.

  4. Grateful Dead – 52 Shows

    Grateful Dead

    The iconic Grateful Dead comes in fourth place on our list. The Deadheads have left an everlasting impression on the arena and the hearts of their fans with 52 appearances at MSG. The Grateful Dead’s concerts at MSG were transforming events that embraced the spirit of musical exploration, thanks to their unique combination of rock, folk, and psychedelic improvisation. The Grateful Dead created an environment of community celebration with their extended jams and fascinating improvisational skills, turning each concert into a magnificent experience that fans still cherish to this day.

  5. Dave Matthews Band – 49 Shows

    Dave Matthews Band

    The legendary Dave Matthews Band is ranked fifth. They have performed on the MSG stage 49 times, impressing fans with their addictive blend of rock, jazz, and folk elements. Dave Matthews, the charismatic leader, and the band’s MSG concerts are a raucous celebration of music and togetherness. The Dave Matthews Band, known for their improvisational abilities, offers distinctive and dynamic performances that keep fans coming back for more. Prepare to sway to the beat and sing along to favorites like “Crash Into Me” and “Ants Marching” when the Dave Matthews Band performs at Madison Square Garden.

  6. Eric Clapton – 47 Live Appearances

    Eric Clapton

    Eric Clapton, the great guitarist and singer-songwriter, is ranked sixth on our list. Clapton’s deep blues-rock and renowned guitar solos have boomed through the corridors of MSG 47 times, leaving audiences in awe. Clapton’s concerts at MSG are a tribute to his standing as one of the best guitarists of all time, since he is known for his amazing guitar playing and emotionally charged performances. From the heartbreaking balladry of “Tears in Heaven” to the exhilarating energy of “Layla,” Clapton’s Madison Square Garden performances are a must-see for any music fan.

  7. Bruce Springsteen – 46 Shows

    Bruce Springsteen

    Bruce Springsteen, The Boss, is ranked seventh. Springsteen and his E Street Band have performed electrifying rock and roll spectacles at MSG 46 times, leaving their imprint on the venue’s illustrious history. Springsteen’s performances at MSG are a tribute to his enduring standing as the voice of the working class, as he is known for his unparalleled stage presence, dramatic storytelling, and marathon shows that leave audiences breathless. Springsteen’s concerts, from anthems like “Born to Run” to introspective ballads like “Thunder Road,” are an immersive experience that unifies fans in a collective celebration of rock and roll.

  8. Bob Dylan – 45 Live Performances

    Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan, the legendary singer-songwriter, is ranked seventh. Dylan’s profound words and distinctive voice have resonated with generations of music fans, with an amazing 45 concerts at MSG. His MSG performances are intimate and intense, with timeless classics as well as reinterpreted renditions of his wide repertoire. Fans are treated to a masterclass in songwriting and narrative as Dylan hits the stage, with each word carrying weight and each melody weaving a compelling tale. Prepare to be enchanted by Bob Dylan’s poetic talent at Madison Square Garden.

  9. Neil Diamond – 35 Live Performances

    Neil Diamond

    Neil Diamond, the iconic singer-songwriter, is ranked ninth. Diamond’s mesmerizing stage presence and timeless tunes have made him a beloved staple at MSG, with 35 performances. Diamond’s concerts are a nostalgic journey through his storied career, known for his soft vocals and emotional melodies. Diamond’s MSG performances range from anthems like “Sweet Caroline” to poignant ballads like “Love on the Rocks,” proving his enduring legacy as a brilliant entertainer.

  10. Jerry Garcia Band – 33 Shows

    Jerry Garcia Band

    The Jerry Garcia Band, fronted by the renowned Grateful Dead leader himself, rounds out our roster. Jerry Garcia and his band performed 33 times at MSG, bringing their unique style of improvisational rock, folk, and blues to the stage, capturing spectators with their skill and musical synergy. The Jerry Garcia Band’s concerts at Madison Square Garden were a highlight for Deadheads and music fans alike, with their broad repertoire and heartfelt jams.

These outstanding artists have given numerous historic concerts at Madison Square Garden. MSG has something for everyone, whether you like rock, folk, blues, or pop. So acquire your tickets, soak up the electric atmosphere, and prepare to experience musical excellence at one of the world’s most iconic locations.