LLama Give You some Inspirado

Our buddy JB put together a great venue review/write-up template to help illustrate the kind of info we’re looking for here at VL. 


The Peach Pit is a legendary venue in the Hollywood Hills.  I’ve been going to shows there for years.  It is legendary for many reasons.  Some great, some not so great.

First off, getting to ‘the pit’ can be a pain in the butt.  It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere which is part of the allure but it also creates some issues.  The roads around the venue are windy and have steep drop offs.  You definitely want to have your wits about you if you are driving.  It is easy to find a Lyft/Uber there but nearly impossible to find a Lyft/Uber home.  Phone/wifi reception can be spotty at best at the venue.   Also, many Lyft drivers don’t like making the trek out there to pick up concertgoers.  Plus, it can be really hard for the Lyft driver to find you at the venue.  It is best to arrange for a shuttle to get you to and fro the venue, though it can be pricey.  If you are looking for a shuttle Mario Andretti Driving Services is a solid company with fair prices.  Pro tip, when you get to the venue it is best to drive past the initial entrance and enter in the Upper West lot.  There are more amenities/bathrooms there and usually a pretty nice lot scene.  Security is pretty chill if you aren’t acting like a dumbass, though I have seen people busted for walking around with open containers.  Camping used to be allowed in the venue lots but no longer.  Camping near the venue is an option at Custer’s Last Keg Stand Campground.  Nice views there but things can get pretty wild if you are thinking of bringing the kiddos.

Getting into the venue can take a long time as there are only 2 ways to get in.  I’d advise folks to get in early as the line can take a long time.  They are pretty thorough with their searches though I’ve never had anything confiscated and the ushers are generally pretty chill if you are friendly to them.  They don’t make you use those stupid clear backpacks which are de rigueur these days at most venues.  Another pro-tip, Upper North Entrance 2 is always the quickest for some reason.    

Once you are inside the venue, security is nonexistent.  I saw one guy dancing in the aisle with 6 lit cigarettes hanging out of his mouth and security just laughed at the dumbass.  You are allowed to bring refillable water bottles inside and backpacks.  You can find a water spigot next to row 25 and there are a few more at the top of the venue.  

As for sound, try not to sit above row 20 if possible.  The sound past row 20 can be variable at best and is pretty bad on a windy day as is often the case in the Hollywood Hills.  Since seating is GA, this is another reason to get in line early.  The best sound is right near the soundboard and you also get nice views of downtown LA right there.  Sight lines are great everywhere in the venue.    

As for concessions, I’ve never had better food and drink inside a show.  I’m vegan and gluten-free and also have all sorts of food allergies.  Even so, there are lots of options for me.  I highly recommend the Nashville Hot Tempeh Sando from Fresh Beets at the very top of the venue.  Prices are reasonable.  As I mentioned, I am gluten-free and they offer hard ciders at the various concession stands throughout the venue.  That was pretty righteous.  My boyfriend eats meat like it’s going out of style ( I wish it was) and he said the ‘I Like Pig Butts’ concession stand had some of the tastiest sausage he’s had in years.

The venue has a strict 12 a.m. curfew.  I’ve only seen 1 band go past the curfew (The Zit Remedies) though apparently they incurred a stiff fine for that.  Security does not allow for the elusive, yet glorious post-show hang.  Best to do that in the lot where they do not make you leave the parking lot for about an hour after the show.

The last show I saw there I was on crutches due to recent foot surgery.  ADA accessibility is not great.  Steps are steep and there aren’t many ramps.  The staff was accommodating but overall it didn’t feel very accommodating to my situation.  

If you are coming in from out of town, the closest places to stay near the venue are: The Spitfire and Hollywood Kat.  Both are reasonably priced and friendly to showgoers.  The Spitfire, has more of a party scene.  Hollywood Kat is pretty quiet and has a nice pool and gym.  Both hotels offer shuttles to the venue which is pretty clutch.

If you’re looking for a cool spot to grab some drinks post-show, your best bet is to head to the nearby town of Smelville.  There are a few cool dive bars that usually have live music til about 2 a.m.  The local band Nitrous Mafia plays at Dale’s Depot every Friday night and are not to be missed.

I’ll think of additional info to add later.  Overall, I would put the Peach Pit on your venue bucket list.