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DCU Center

Worcester, MA | Northeast | Capacity: 14,800
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DCU Center

Venue Services & Policies:


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While the DCU Center does not own or operate any parking garages or parking lots, the venue works closely with a number of garages and lots within walking distance to provide guests with convenient options for parking.

The Mercantile Center Garage located at 100 Front Street is directly across the street from the DCU Center Arena main entrance and 2 blocks from the DCU Center Convention Center entrance.

Reserve parking in advance for the Mercantile Center Garage and for additional information, please click the ‘online parking reservations’ link below.

The Major Taylor Boulevard Municipal Garage located at 30 Major Taylor Boulevard – directly across from the Convention Center – is committed to personalizing the parking experience for you and your guests.

Reserve parking in advance for the Major Taylor Boulevard Municipal Garage using the Apple or Android LAZ Parking App.


β€’ Dwight Foster Parking: 27 Waldo St. and 142 Commercial St. / (508) 757-0499
β€’ Exchange Street Parking: 10 Exchange St. / (508) 791-8586
β€’ First American Realty Parking: 100 MLK Jr. Blvd. / (508) 798-8844
β€’ Pearl-Elm Municipal Garage: 20 Pearl St. / (508) 799-1463
β€’ Worcester Common Garage: Eaton Place

Parking prices may vary depending upon the event and time spent in garage.

Accessible Parking spaces are located around the facility at designated areas. Daily parking rates are in effect.

Online Parking Reservations

Bag Policy:

Small purses/wristlets of a MAXIMUM SIZE of 8 x 10 inches will be permitted. Medical bags and diaper bags will be allowed and will be checked prior to entry. All other bags such as cross body, larger totes, back packs, duffle bags, etc. will NOT be permitted for public, ticketed events (such as sports games, concerts, children’s shows)

Water Policy:

There is no outside food or beverages allowed inside the DCU Center. This is strictly enforced.

Search Policy:

Event attendees may be subject to a search upon entering the facility. Security Screening (walk-through metal detector or security wand) may be conducted for public Arena events. If deemed necessary, pat downs may be conducted. Patrons should plan to arrive earlier than normal, with their ticket and limited belongings, to allow for this enhanced security process.

ADA Accessibility:

All main entrances are available for access (Doors 10, 11, and 13 of the arena and Doors 1 and 2 of the convention center) are handicapped accessible entrances. Door 13 is a preferred access door for the arena if you so desire. Door 9 also has an accessible entrance where tickets may be purchased. There are also designated elevators within the convention center for greater convenience.

Generally, there are fourteen viewing areas designated for accessible seating in Sections 102, 103, 104, 106, 108, 110, 112, 113, 117, 118, 120, 121, 123, and 125. Physically challenged seating is available in various price levels and sections of the arena.

Depending on the size of the party, price and availability of seating, DCU will try to keep everyone in the group in the same area. Up to three companions would be sitting right beside you – depending on availability at the time of purchase. The rest of the party may be sitting in the row in front of you, or someplace else as close as possible.

Seating for people with disabilities that are not confined to a wheelchair is located throughout the lower level. These seats are easily accessible and require less than four steps to reach them.

Upon request, DCU will provide an assistive listening device for you, free of charge, to be picked up at the Box Office when you arrive at the event, or we can provide a sign language interpreter. Both require a minimum of one week advance notice. Please contact the DCU Center Box Office at 508-929-0164 for additional information.

DCU Center does not operate any parking, the City of Worcester has made accessible parking available on the Foster Street side of the arena, and in front of the Convention Center on Major Taylor Boulevard. There is also accessible parking in the garages and lots surrounding the building.

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