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Stifel Theatre
St. Louis, MO | Midwest | Capacity: 3,100
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Stifel Theatre
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Parking lots located near the theatre are not owned or operated by Stifel Theatre. Approximately 6,500 parking spaces are available within 1,800 feet of Enterprise Center, including a 1,270-car garage situated immediately adjacent to the building. In addition, many nearby parking garages and surface lots offer affordable, convenient access to Enterprise Center. “Enterprise Center Parking” signs at the entrances to additional parking facilities should help in directing Enterprise Center guests to appropriate parking. Two-hour metered parking is also available on many streets surrounding Enterprise Center.

Central Parking (CP) 314-421-4063
CitiPark (Citi) 314-241-1918
City of St. Louis (City) 314-622-4414
S&H Parking (S&H) 314-621-1600
St. Louis Parking (SLP) 314-241-7777
Union Services (US) 314-421-1876

Parking Meters
This map highlights parking meter parking options in the areas surrounding Stifel Theatre. These meters are not owned or operated by Stifel Theatre.

Downtown Parking Contacts
Central Parking (CP) – 314-421-4063
CitiPark (Citi) – 314-241-1918
The city of St. Louis (City) – 314-622-4414
S&H Parking (S&H) – 314-621-1600
St. Louis Parking (SLP) – 314-241-7777
Union Services (US) – 314-421-4370

Public Transit:

Stifel Theatre lies along several city bus routes. For more information about bus routes and schedules, please call Bi-State transit information at (314) 231-2345 in Missouri (TDD 982-1555) and (618) 271-2345 in Illinois (TDD 875-1200) or visit them on the web at

Pickup/DropOff Spot:

Curbside drop off and pick up areas can be found at the corner of 15th Street and Market Street where an accessible ramp is located. Guests may also be dropped off on Market Street in front of Stifel Theatre.

Bag Policy:

Backpacks, coolers, hard-sided bags, luggage, and any bag over 16” x 16” are strictly prohibited.

All bags entering Stifel Theatre, including purses and medical/childcare bags, must go through manual bag checks by the Safety and Security staff.

The bag policy is subject to change for each show based on the tour’s requirements.

Search Policy:

Guests entering Stifel Theatre are required to pass a security check that includes a walk-thru metal detector. In the event the metal detector alerts, you may be asked to empty the contents of your pockets and pass through the metal detector again. Stifel Theatre reserves the right to refuse entry if you have any items which may cause danger or disruption to the event or other guests, or which are in breach of building policies and/or prohibited items. Any guest who declines to be search will be denied entry from Stifel Theatre.

ADA Accessibility:

If you find that you require special assistance during an event, please contact the nearest Stifel Theatre Guest Experience Ambassador. For more information about Stifel Theatre facilities and services for guests with disabilities or other special needs, please visit the Stifel Theatre Guest Services office or call the Stifel Theatre Accessibility Hotline at 314-622-5420. Stifel Theatre provides wheelchair escorts for guests with limited mobility from any Stifel Theatre entrance to the guest’s seating location. Upon arriving at an entrance, please ask a staff member for assistance.

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