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Las Vegas, NV | West | Capacity: 18,600
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  • Parking:

    Parking is available both onsite and in nearby lots, and can be purchased in advance of your event here. For parking in nearby lots, click here.

    Parking & Entrances:

    Guests can enter the property on foot via Sands Avenue or Westchester Drive and enter the venue via the Plaza Entry on the east side of the building. The venue can also be accessed via the pedestrian bridge connected to The Venetian Resort.

    Online Parking Reservations

    Pickup/DropOff Spot:

    Rideshare pick up and drop off for Sphere is located at the corner of Sands Ave and Koval Lane. On event days, Sphere staff will be onsite to direct you to the venue.

    Bag Policy:

    Sphere is a “no bag” facility, meaning that large bags and backpacks are not permitted inside the venue. Sphere does not provide an area to check bags, coats or any other personal belongings. Exceptions to this policy include small clutches, purses, and fanny packs that are no larger than approximately 6 in. x 6 in. x 2 in., as well as diaper bags and bags required for medical items. Please note that all bags are subject to additional screening and inspection, either by visual or x-ray technology.

    Water Policy:

    Outside food and beverage (including sealed cans and bottles) are not permitted inside Sphere. Clear, soft-plastic, empty bottles are permitted. Accessible water fountains are located throughout the venue.

    Search Policy:

    Please plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to pass through security. Please note that all bags are subject to additional screening and inspection, either by visual or x-ray technology.

    ADA Accessibility:

    Ticketing Information

    Accessible seating may be secured through Ticketmaster or by contacting the Accessibility Services Department at or 725-258-6724. If you or someone in your party requires an accommodation and you have already purchased tickets, please reach out the Accessibility Services Department to discuss relocation options.

    Guests looking to use an accessible entrance can enter the property via Sands Avenue and enter the venue via the East Entry or West Entry. The Venetian pedestrian bridge, if accessed via the Venetian Resort, is also an accessible entrance. Accessible parking spots are available on a first come first serve basis both onsite and in nearby lots.

    Guests with mobility limitations who do not have access to a wheelchair may request a wheelchair transport to their seat, free of charge. Please be aware that our personnel will not remain with you during the event, nor will you be able to remain in the wheelchair for the duration of the event. Please alert staff if you will need assistance.

    If you or someone in your party have a medical condition or specific needs that require bringing in outside food or beverage, please contact the Accessibility Services Department at or 725-258-6724. All restrooms are accessible. Family/all-gender restrooms are also located throughout Sphere. Please see a guest experience representative onsite for directions to the nearest location.

    Venue’s Official Website:

  • Sphere

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    Posted: 5/22/24
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:


    Posted: 5/15/24
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:

    The Sphere is the best and coolest concert venue I’ve ever been to, it is a whole new way of experiencing your favorite band. The huge screen and circular design make The Sphere unlike any other venue (read more) in the world. The Sphere has excellent sound from side to side and front to back throughout the 100, 200, 300 and 400 levels. In my opinion the best views of the entire screen is in the GA, lower 100, 200, 300 and 400 levels. Some of the other rad and unique features of the Sphere include the design of the building and speaker system, excellent sight lines of the band from all over, seats that vibrate, a grand concourse with one of the longest escalators in the World and did I mention that massive screen?!?! While being the coolest venue in the World there are still a few downsides. If you are behind row 20 in the 100 level your view of the giant screen will be obstructed up to 70-80% but the views of the band are great from anywhere. And a few of the upper rows in the 200 level have slightly obstructed views of the screen as well. Like most venues, the rows of seats don’t allow much room for over expressive dancing but you have a huge screen of coolness to look at and the seats do vibrate. Also the 300 and 400 levels can get steep which may also hinder your dancing. The security will let people go take quick pictures of the screen in the aisles but besides that they like to keep the aisles clear. There is not much room to dance or stand in the aisles. The bathroom lines do get long at times (and I heard some people got kicked out for using the wrong bathroom so I don’t recommend doing that). The price of parking at the Sphere varies for each show ($60-$100), walking or taking a ride share is recommended. And there was no Shakedown parking lot for the Phish shows. The entrance at the Bridge Entrance on the west side of the Sphere can get very congested at times and take over 15-20 minutes to get in. The security screening is very light, just remove items from pockets and walk through scanners. Overall it will be one of the coolest and most unique concert experiences in your life. I highly recommend seeing anyone you can there. Have a great show and stay safe.

    Posted: 5/12/24
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:

    The only negative thing I experienced at the Sphere is that there are not enough bathrooms. The lines got a little ridiculous at times. Also, security doesn’t really let you chill in the venue post (read more) show very long. Water is sold in a very cold, metallic type bottle that is $7. They take the bottle tops of the water though there are cup holders on each seat.

    Posted: 5/12/24
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:

    I recently saw Phish here. The sound is loud and crystal clear. The whole facility is new and most every detail was well thought out. Our seats were in section 310 row 4. There were amazing views (read more) from this section. The one downside is that it was hard to see the band. This doesn’t matter so much at the Sphere where most of one’s focus is on the music and the visuals. Plentiful options all around the venue for food and drinks. They even sell hard cider at the Taphaus on the first floor. The staff was friendly and super helpful. There are escalators to get to the upper sections which are really long, steep and kind of cool because there is cool artwork around the venue. Entering through the Venetian walkway proved to be the easiest option for us. Shorter lines and once it is super hot outside in Vegas it should be helpful but may get pretty crowded.

    Posted: 5/10/24
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:

    This is the way music should be experienced. Truly mind blowing. Staff is friendly. Facilities are clean. Seating/standing is ample. Easy to get a beverage (in person or self serve).

    Posted: 5/9/24
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:

    This is the future of live music! The venue is nothing short of magic. The sound is unparalleled, staff was courteous and helpful, the atmosphere inside is unlike any other place on earth.

    Posted: 4/23/24
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:

    Sell your shoes and see anything you can here. Preferably The Phish from Vermont.
    The obstructed view in the back of the 100s is a very slight bummer, but it is close to the stage and the sound is (read more) better than I’ve heard at any other large venue.

    Posted: 4/21/24
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:

    Sound is unparalleled!

    Great Performances at Sphere