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Orpheum Theater

New Orleans, LA | Southeast | Capacity: 1,500
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Orpheum Theater

Venue Services & Policies:


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Parking for the Theater can be found next door at the privately owned Unipark Garage, 145 Roosevelt Way, where self-parking and valet parking is offered. Plenty of on-street parking and several other parking garages can be found circling the blocks around the Theater.

Bag Policy:

Any bags measuring larger than 12β€³ x 12β€³ x 6β€³ will not be permitted into the Orpheum Theater.
All bags will be subject to search by Orpheum Theater Security, and any prohibited item(s) will be confiscated.
The Orpheum Theater does not provide a general area to check bags or any other personal belongings not allowed into the theater. All items not permitted into the theater must be disposed of before entry.

Search Policy:

The security process is a condition of entry. Any refusal or the use of abusive, threatening, or discriminatory remarks will result in access being refused.

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