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Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

Camden, NJ | Northeast | Capacity: 25,000
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Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

Venue Services & Policies:


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Pickup/DropOff Spot:

Uber and Lyft drop-off points are located at the Wiggins Circle (end of Martin Luther King Boulevard) and the corner of Clinton and 2nd Streets. Both drop-off points are a short half-block walk to the venue. Taxis are usually available at the Walter Rand Transportation Center.

Bag Policy:

Small clutch bags approximately the size of a hand (MAX 4.5”x 6.5”) ARE ALLOWED (and need not be clear). LARGER BAGS MUST BE CLEAR TOTE BAGS. NO OTHER TYPES OF BAGS WILL BE ALLOWED. ALL BAGS OVER 12″x12″x6″ ARE PROHIBITED. All bags are subject to search upon entry. Guests have the right to refuse a bag search and the venue has the right to refuse entry. If your bag does not meet these requirements, you can check your bag & purchase a clear bag for $10.

Search Policy:

When coming through the gates, please plan on security using metal detectors and/or a physical pat down for our search procedures. All bags are subject to inspection. If you have a medical reason for not wanting to be searched via metal detectors, please ask for a supervisor and they will give you an alternative to our metal detectors.

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  • Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

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    Review by: Mongo7640
    Posted: 5/11/23

    Overall Experience
    Camden is a good venue for lawn tickets. I’ve seen many shows over the years here and it has great sound all the way to the back of the lawn. Also amazing views of Phili both during the day and night. (read more) Just be careful exiting the venue and follow the venue staff’s directions.
    Getting There

    This venue is located in th ghetto. If you have a nice car or expensive belongings in your car. Do not park outside of a paid lot.

    I always park for free a block away from the paid lots and walk to meet friends to tailgate. Who pay $40-$50 per vehicle to park. Be ready to fork over some cash if you want a secure lot. Don’t buy (read more) tickets from anyone walking thru they are likely fake and you can usually tell by them not being the type of person to attend said concert.

    Best to be done in the paid lots. Don’t do it outside. This place is the ghetto and gets dangerous especially after dark.

    Water Policy

    You can refill your water and various places in the venue if you keep an eye out.

    Bag Policy

    They have a strict clear bag policy that is a smaller size. If not you have to pay $10 for the locker or hump it back to your vehicle. Blankets are okay but not backpacks or anything like that.

    Search Policy

    The lines can get super long as they try and do a decent search of everyone and there is only really two sides to enter. Give yourself time before the show to wait in line.


    Always really good hear

    Venue Concessions

    Concessions and bathrooms are a hike and overpriced like everywhere else.

    End of the Show

    Go straight to your car and follow the lot attendees signal. Don’t get lost in the ghetto. I’ve heard stories of carjackings after shows here.

    Nearby Lodging

    Philadelphia is just across the way. Find a nice hotel there and you can take a ferry into the venue just blocks away.