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Palace Theatre

Saint Paul, MN | Midwest | Capacity: 2,500
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Palace Theatre

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  • Palace Theatre

  • Review by: 2Riders
    Posted: 4/20/23

    Overall Experience

    Great indoor venue for the Twin Cities area. Located in St. Paul this venue is a counterpart to First Ave. The sound is incredible. Usually lots of room and great sight lines.

    Getting There

    It’s in St. Paul. You can take the light rail to a location near the venue. Parking is OK.


    There are lots and ramps. Nothing unusual. Not great but not terrible.


    We usually go to the Loon which is just around the corner. Not really a “tailgated” venue.

    Water Policy


    Bag Policy

    They search bags.

    Search Policy

    Pretty casual. They have metal detectors.


    Amazing sound! Whomper bass bombz

    Venue Security

    Pretty chill.

    Venue Concessions

    Solid bar service.

    End of the Show

    Pretty easy out. Just spill into the street.

    ADA Accessibility


    Other Stuff

    They have a coat check for $$$

    Nearby Lodging

    Lots of Hotels and AirBnB in the area.

    Nearby Bars & Restaurants

    The Loon is just around the corner.