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Merriweather Post Pavilion

Columbia, MD | Northeast | Capacity: 19,319
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Merriweather Post Pavilion

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  • Merriweather Post Pavilion

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    Review by: Mongo7640
    Category: Sound Off (General Comments)
    Posted: 2/26/23

    If your in the lawn get into the venue early. If not you will probably not have a great view. Sound is barely adequate at this place imo. They do have convenient water filling stations throughout. (read more) Security always checks you so be smart. If you can afford seats I’d always go with that option if you can swing it. Some of the lots are a far walk from the venue so try and have a lot in mind or get directed by lot attendees to who knows where.

    Review by: LisaK
    Posted: 7/31/23

    Overall Experience


    Getting There



    Lots of parking. Clearly marked.


    Not a great tailgating spit anymore since it’s mostly garages. But…..there’s an AWESOME Shakedown!!!

    Search Policy



    Great! Upper lawns are great!
    Lawn is pretty decent since they raised the pavilion.

    Venue Concessions

    Excellent drinks including Maryland’s Orange Crush!! Decent food choices.

    Nearby Lodging

    Doubletree Columbia is my go to!!! Awesome bar, great staff, short ride to venue. I think they have a concert shuttle but you could Uber for cheap!

    Lodging Links:

  • Doubletree by Hilton Columbia

  • Posted: 8/8/23
    Rating & Overall Venue Experience:

    I’ve been seeing shows here since 2011, and have watched a great venue get worse over time. Especially over the last five years or so, in which each year is worse than the previous.
    It used to have (read more) nice fields for tailgating and easy in/easy out. Now it’s pretty much all parking garages that take forever to get in and out of.
    The new skylawn seats mean worse views from the lawn. They can even affect views in the pavilion.
    There have never been enough bathrooms for shows that have fans mainly from one gender, which is hard to get right, I’ll admit (though Madison Square Garden seems to get it right). But two years ago, the pavilion bathrooms were reserved for pavilion ticket holders, making for easy access. Last year, that opened up to all, and lines were impossible. Paying more for pavilion no longer offers a better bathroom experience.
    For years now, the venue has turned on the lights behind the lawn in a way that floods the lawn and negatively affects the state view and light show. Then last year, new vending was added to stage right of the lawn, along with a big flood light that washes the audience in white light from the side. An even worse experience. Just what I want at a night show – bright white light everywhere.
    The lawn itself hasn’t been good in the years I’ve gone there. I’m average height, and in most parts of the lawn, it’s hard for me to see over people because of how it dips in the middle.
    Also, they have that giant screen right in the middle of the pavilion roof, which blasts bright glare on the lawn, so if you are in the middle third of the lawn, it’s quite hard to watch the stage or see the light show.
    There are nice things about the place. The area just outside the gates on the sides and behind the lawn are nice. Especially the pond/fountain area. The trippy art/statues they have around the venue are cool. Great vibe. I like that you can catch soundcheck from outside the gate pretty easily and even see the band. At a glance, the venue is lovely and I’ve had many great times there.
    But honestly, even though Merriweather is 20 minutes from my house, and I’ve seen 15 shows there, so I clearly go there a lot, I’m not excited to go back and see how they’ve made it even worse next time.