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Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA | Southeast | Capacity: 9,777
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Hampton Coliseum
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Parking is free at Hampton Coliseum. Our lots are both accessible from both Convention Center Blvd. via Armistead, and Coliseum Drive.

Overnight Parking is Not Allowed.

Pickup/DropOff Spot:

Drop-off may be done at the concrete balls in front of the Coliseum.

Water Policy:

No outside food, beverages, coolers, or bottles allowed.

Search Policy:

All patrons are subject to search prior to entry.

ADA Accessibility:

Accessible Tickets
Accessible seating is available at all price categories to guests requiring use of a wheelchair and guests with limited mobility. Tickets may be purchased online at, and in person at the Hampton Coliseum Box Office. Seating for sight impaired is located in the closest available accessible seating section. When purchasing accessible seating, it is important to be specific and indicate that you require wheelchair accessible, limited mobility, or sight impaired seating so that we can best meet your needs.

Wheelchairs and wheelchair escorts are not available; guests requiring the use of a wheelchair must bring their own.

A limited number of designated handicap parking spaces including van-accessible spaces are available. These spaces are for vehicles displaying a current state issued disability placard or license plate. Spaces are filled on a β€˜first-come’ basis. Drop off for ADA may be done at the concrete balls in front of the Coliseum and in the I64 lot until the lot is full.

Building Entry and Exits
All guests must enter the Coliseum through the front lobby/entrance facing the water fountain. The first door on the left and the first door on the right are equipped with power-assisted opening capabilities.

For patrons with tickets for accessible seating in the Loge section, located on the upper level, the Coliseum provides an accessible Handi-ride vehicle to transport you up the outside ramp to the second level.

For patrons with tickets for accessible seating in the Floor section, located on the lower level, please enter the lobby through the left hand lobby doors and proceed left to the ticket taking area. You will find a wheelchair ramp beyond this area to access the floor seating section.

For those whose ADA tickets indicate areas other than Floor or Loge, please go to the box office window on the far right of the lobby for assistance.

If you have any further questions please call 757-838-4203.

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