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Sound Off / (General Comments) // Gorge Amphitheatre

The free water at the drinking fountains tastes terrible.

— Feeee 02/27/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // Merriweather Post Pavilion

If your in the lawn get into the venue early. If not you will probably not have a great view. Sound is barely adequate at this place imo. They do have convenient water filling stations throughout. Security always checks you so be smart. If you can afford seats I’d always go with that option if you can swing it. Some of the lots are a far walk from the venue so try and have a lot in mind or get directed by lot attendees to who knows where.

— Mongo7640 02/26/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // PNC Bank Arts Center

Many lots charge $40-$50 to park. If your not afraid of parking in the ghetto a block away for free do that and meet your friends in the lot to tailgate. This place always has good sound and a great view from the lawn. They don’t allow chairs you have to “rent” for $10. Only allow clear plastic bags and a small size at that. Don’t try and bring a backpack or even big purse cause you’ll be walking back to your car or shown to an expensive locker rental outside the venue. Bathrooms can be a walk so choose your song wisely. Be careful leaving at night if you did park in the ghetto and go straight back to the highway.

— Mongo7640 02/26/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // Etess Arena at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City

1. Parking: they charge anywhere from $10-$30 for parking. Pro-tip drive a block away and park on the street for a couple bucks.
2. Entry – security is very lax no troubles there but don’t be too ballsy I guess.
3. Nice lobby area during set break with bathrooms being standard wait time.
4. No Water Fountains! Even the sink in the bathroom puts out hot water if you want to refill your $6 water bottle. So drink up before you get in I suppose.
5. Anyone selling whip-it’s after is sketchy and fake don’t do it.

— Mongo7640 02/26/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // The Pavilion at Star Lake

Free parking is great, but and this is an extraordinarily important but- pay for parking. You will lose literal years of your life departing this venue- you are 25 now, pay for parking.

— JummyPstrnbag 02/21/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // Etess Arena at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City

I just spent 3 nights with Billy Strings at the Etess Arena. Security and venue staff were very nice and accommodating. There wasn’t much of a search going in – a benefit of legal NJ marijuana, I suspect. They allowed re-entry but you had to go back through security to get back in, so there were a lot of people outside smoking at setbreak.

I’m not a gambler, so the casino setting wasn’t really a plus for me. There is only one set of restrooms so if you have mobility issues, it’s best to try to get tickets to the right side of the venue, looking at the stage.

— WheresMyMule 02/20/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // PNC Music Pavilion

Miserable venue to get in and out of. Be prepared to spend a fortune on rideshare. Traffic in and out can take an hour. Lot is strict. No glass. Use cups and be aware of heavy undercover presence. Security is lax inside and food and drinks are super expensive and they stop selling early. Least favorite venue..

— Cltrae6 02/18/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Clear bag policy enforced and now a cashless venue.

— Missmojo27 02/17/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // McDonald Theatre

This venue was started by the Kesey Family. The security is a tad harsh about smoking weed in the venue despite cannabis being legal in Oregon. We have had friends ejected for smoking a vape. Despite that, getting into the venue is a breeze and the sound is pretty solid. It’s located in Downtown Eugene so there are a ton of really solid places to find food and grab good craft beers. It’s also right near the main bus station if you are coming old school on a Greyhound.

— elconductor 02/16/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // The Caverns

The Caverns Amphitheatre:
The natural beauty of The Caverns Amphitheater and its massive stage create an epic concert setting. The venue is wide open with a ton of scenery. The open air feel, the lights in the trees, super friendly staff, and remote setting gives this venue a very high quality experience with any band. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of bands at this outdoor amphitheater and they have all been terrific, partly because the venue rocks.

This could, in a way, be the Snowmass Music Festival venue site of the South. Eerily similar in scenery and layout.

This place is run by a bunch of good time loving hippies and business folks. They just want you to have safe fun and to come back anytime. Several years ago they use to have these big tyed dyed and painted buses that would drive people from the parking lots to the venue. It was wild. It was basically anything could go once your on the bus. The drivers were half drunk and stoned and had the music on 9. They don’t do it anymore, but if that gives you a picture of the kind of people that run the place..

Security (Entry)-
You could walk in with a potato sack of cocaine on on your left shoulder and a bong in your right hand while a small band of gypsies, beatniks, hippies, and warriors drag their tanks, rugs, and recliners and I’m pretty sure the “security” would wave you through. In essence, don’t worry about, but don’t be stupid about it.

Not great. You gotta walk all the way down the hill to use the bathroom. Think red rocks but with grass.

Sounds is terrific. Depends on the band but it is great listening from nearly anywhere in the venue.

Outside venue:
The lot scene is fun. Lots of room to move around and walk about. There are about 4 or 5 main parking lots, each connect through gravel walkways and roads. The venue is super lax on smoking grass, drinking, and getting kinda rowdy in the lot. Good times are always found in the lot scene at this venue, so get there early, bring your drinks, food and merch and have a blast!

— Nashville Anonymouse 02/16/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium is by far the area’s top venue. The sounds quality is nearly perfect from any seat, the venue staff are amazingly friendly and courteous, and the overall quality of the venue is very high as it is well maintained and protected with excellent maintenance.

All that being said, there is absolutely NO SMOKING OR VAPING anywhere in the venue. It is a strict policy…but really, when you enter the venue, you’ll acquire the respect for “Mother Church”. The access to the smoking areas is very easy and quick for anyone needing to grab a quick puff or the cig or whatever. Personally, we have used the smoking areas for years for our weed vape, standard one hitter pull, or just your quick cig. Security around the smoking area is present, but frankly they dont care, as long as your not sparking a full bowl with heady smoke rings.

Security is probably more stringent than most venues. It is a two part entry. First part is where you empty all your pockets into a plastic bin then you walk through a metal detector while someone stands there and watches you. It is a one-at-a-time passage and they have bene known to turn people away for simple possession or over sized bag. The second part is a walk from the metal detectors to the ticket people where you go inside one by one. It is very old school and they mean for it to be that way….That being said, we have snuck most items into the venue through the year without any problems. There is no pat down, no one is going to find your 5th under your shirt, bag in your pocket, or pocket of party favors. It is strictly a metal detector passage entry…smile, put “all” your possessions into the plastic thingy, and walk through non-chalantly and you’re good.

Bathroom- super nice, very clean. very well maintained. touchless handryers (dont pee on those thinking they are the new age urinals), they have locations upstairs and downstairs AND in the VIP area. Lines can go out the door but it won’t take long to get in and out.

Outside the Venue: There is always Broadway if you’re into that kind of thing, but directly across the street from the Ryman is a new place called the “assembly Food Hall”. They have it all….roof top bar/restaurant, multiple quick eateries, donuts, cocktails, chef food, gastro food…it is kinda a funland for adults, great spot for pre-show fun.

— Nashville Anonymouse 02/16/2023

Sound Off / (General Comments) // Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood

Do not attempt to walk from the venue to downtown. It’s farther than it seems and sketchy as hell.

— TomTraubert 02/15/2023