Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Bethel, NY
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Bethel, NY
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts: Echoes of Music History in Bethel, NY

Bethel Woods: Where Music’s Legacy Lives On

Discover Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, where music’s past and present converge in Bethel, NY, offering a unique live music experience amidst historic grounds.

From Woodstock to Today

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts stands on sacred musical ground—home to the 1969 Woodstock festival. This site, emblematic of peace, love, and music, has transformed into a premier venue that continues to celebrate the spirit of its legendary past with a diverse lineup of artists and bands, including the vibrant performances of Phish.

A Venue Like No Other

With its picturesque setting in the rolling hills of New York, Bethel Woods offers an unparalleled concert experience. The natural beauty of the area enhances each performance, creating an intimate connection between artists and the audience that is rare in today’s music scene.

Phish and Beyond

The tradition of memorable music continues with Phish’s appearances, adding to the tapestry of performances that span genres and generations. Bethel Woods is not just a venue but a journey through music history, offering something for every music enthusiast.

Celebrating Music’s Transformative Power

Bethel Woods is more than a concert venue; it’s a place of pilgrimage for those who seek to experience the transformative power of music. It stands as a testament to music’s ability to unite people, transcending time and genres.

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