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Las Vegas is known for its spectacular attractions, and the Sphere is the latest marvel to join the city’s skyline. This state-of-the-art entertainment venue revolutionizes the traditional concert and event experience with its cutting-edge technology and immersive storytelling. The Sphere’s design, originating from a simple sketch, has transformed into a $2.3 billion project, captivating visitors with its unique blend of audiovisual magic. From haptic seats that enhance the sensory experience to wind effects that add realism, every aspect of the Sphere is designed to amaze. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to the Sphere in Las Vegas is an unforgettable journey into the future of entertainment.

If you’ve been to this brand new venue, we’d love to hear all about it! Post a quick rating and/or review as we gear up for Phish’s Spring run at Sphere!

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre, perched in Morrison, Colorado, is an iconic venue that redefines the concert experience. It can host more than 9,500 guests in an open-air setting, surrounded by dramatic red sandstone formations that naturally enhance acoustics and visual allure. Known for its superb natural sound and stunning surroundings, Red Rocks has welcomed a wide spectrum of performers, from rock bands to symphonies, making each event a memorable encounter with music and nature. Its significance and unique beauty have established it as a destination of choice for artists and audiences from all corners of the world.

Share your story. Your review or comment can help others envision the unparalleled combination of music and natural splendor that awaits at Red Rocks.

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Discover the MGM Music Hall at Fenway, a premier entertainment venue situated in the heart of Boston’s iconic Fenway neighborhood. Opened in 2022, this state-of-the-art facility boasts a 5000-seat capacity, offering an unparalleled experience for concert-goers. From electrifying live performances to intimate acoustic sets, the MGM Music Hall hosts a diverse lineup of top-tier artists across various genres. 

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Nestled in Mansfield, Massachusetts, the Xfinity Center is an outdoor amphitheater that captivates visitors with its expansive seating capacity of up to 19,900 people. This venue is not just a place for concerts; it’s a landmark that stands on the cusp of rich musical history and vibrant local attractions. Famous for hosting a plethora of events ranging from rock concerts to symphonic performances, the Xfinity Center, formerly known as the Great Woods, has evolved into a beacon for entertainment. Its proximity to Boston adds to its allure, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the pinnacle of live entertainment.

Attended an unforgettable concert at the Xfinity Center? We invite you to share your experiences. 

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The Mohegan Sun Arena, positioned in the vibrant Uncasville, Connecticut, is a hub of entertainment with a capacity to welcome over 10,000 attendees. Celebrated for its cutting-edge amenities, the arena is a hotspot for a wide variety of events, from spellbinding musical performances to intense sports showdowns. Situated within the expansive Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino, it offers visitors an array of leisure and entertainment choices, enhancing their experience beyond the event itself. The venue has solidified its status in entertainment history through a series of unforgettable moments and continues to be a pivotal part of the area’s cultural and social scene.

Have memories from an event at Mohegan Sun Arena? We’re eager to hear about your experience. Leave a rating, write a review, or share your story to help others anticipate the excitement of attending an event here.

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ExploreAsheville.com Arena, part of the Harrah’s Cherokee Center – Asheville, is a prominent venue located in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. With a capacity to host thousands of guests, this arena is versatile, catering to a wide range of events from concerts and sporting events to trade shows and conventions. The arena is known for its intimate setting that allows for a closer and more personal experience with performances, despite its larger size. Its location in Asheville, a city celebrated for its vibrant arts scene and historical significance, further enhances the appeal, providing visitors with a rich cultural experience. The arena’s modern facilities and strategic design contribute to its reputation as a premier destination for entertainment in the region.

Been to ExploreAsheville.com Arena? We’re all ears! If you’ve rocked out, cheered on, or got swept up in the excitement here, jump in and drop us your thoughts.

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Alpine Valley Music Theatre, located in the serene setting of East Troy, Wisconsin, is an iconic outdoor music venue with a capacity that peaks at over 37,000. This sprawling amphitheater, set against a backdrop of lush landscapes, is famed for hosting a wide array of performances, from rock legends to contemporary chart-toppers. Its historical significance is marked by numerous legendary performances and its status as a preferred stop for summer concert tours. The natural acoustics and scenic beauty of Alpine Valley add a unique charm to every event, making it a beloved destination for music enthusiasts.

Contribute your review or thoughts on Alpine Valley, and help others capture the essence of this iconic venue.

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Chaifetz Arena stands as a beacon of entertainment and sports in St. Louis, Missouri, boasting a capacity to host up to 10,600 guests. Integral to Saint Louis University, this multifaceted indoor arena is a hotspot for college athletics, high-energy concerts, and a plethora of significant events, offering attendees a mix of intimacy and exhilaration. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and located centrally, it serves as a premier destination for fans and families alike to dive into the live entertainment scene, solidifying its status as a pillar of community vitality in St. Louis.

If Chaifetz Arena has played a part in your collection of show memories, we encourage you to share your journey. 

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The Ruoff Music Center, positioned in the scenic outskirts of Noblesville, Indiana, is an acclaimed outdoor amphitheater with a seating capacity reaching up to 24,000 guests. Renowned for its eclectic array of concerts and events, this venue melds the excitement of live performances with the tranquil beauty of Indiana’s landscapes. Its unique amphitheater setting, enhanced by expansive lawn seating, provides a perfect atmosphere for enjoying concerts under the stars. Over the years, the Ruoff Music Center has established itself as a hallmark of summer entertainment, attracting audiences from all corners with its lineup of performances set against an idyllic backdrop.

If you’ve been to a performance at the Ruoff Music Center, we invite you to share your experience. Post a review or comment to help others discover this picturesque setting.

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Located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Van Andel Arena offers a premier venue experience with a seating capacity exceeding 10,000. This arena is the go-to destination for an array of events, including major concerts, family-oriented shows, sporting events, and more. Since its doors opened, it has been instrumental in the cultural and economic uplift of downtown Grand Rapids, providing a multipurpose space that caters to a wide variety of entertainment preferences. The arena’s dedication to delivering unforgettable experiences shines through in every event, securing its place as a key fixture in the city’s entertainment scene.

Have you been part of the crowd at Van Andel Arena? Your story matters to us. Contribute by posting a review, rating, or comment about your visit

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Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, located at the historic site of the 1969 Woodstock festival in Bethel, New York, serves as a beacon of cultural and artistic expression with a seating capacity that welcomes thousands. This iconic venue not only commemorates its profound historical significance but also embraces a future of diverse performances and events, including concerts, festivals, and educational programs. Its picturesque setting in the rolling hills of New York State offers an unparalleled backdrop for experiencing live music and arts, making it a pilgrimage site for those looking to connect with music history and contemporary creativity alike.

If Bethel Woods Center for the Arts has been the backdrop to a memorable day or evening for you, we invite you to help paint a picture of those moments for others.

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Located in Commerce City, Colorado, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park has carved out a reputation as a seminal music venue, with a seating capacity that welcomes 18,000 fans. The park is especially renowned in the music community as a favorite haunt of Phish, who have made it a tradition to conclude their summer tours here with electrifying performances. This annual event has transformed the venue into a pilgrimage site for Phish fans and avid live music fans alike, showcasing a wide range of musical genres beyond its soccer roots. The venue’s expansive outdoor space offers a sprawling canvas for these musical spectacles, providing an unforgettable experience under the Colorado sky.

If you’ve witnessed the magic of Phish closing their summer tour at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park or have been part of any other memorable event here, we invite you to share your experience.

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